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07.09.2017  |  787x
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Kojair Biosafety cabinets Production Planner

Vilppula Finland

Production Planner

About Kojair
Kojair history dates back to the late thirties. A delegation of Finnish industry businessmen visited the United States in the sixties and brought back with them the idea of working under purified air. This was the starting point for our  microbiological safey cabinet production. Our first microbiological safey cabinets were launched in 1969 – Kojair’s first step into the world of clean air technology.

The Company first operated under the name Koja, a well-known Finnish air handling company and industrial fan producer established in 1939, and later under our own name, Kojair. This rich history gave us a head start and made us the most progressive player in the market.

Most progressive player in the market, Kojair

Today, we continue to be driven to innovate and push the market forward. Our current journey is one filled with passion, skill and the pursuit of creating the best clean air products in the world.

The Position
In this position you are part of the factory organization. Your main responsibilities are production scheduling, capacity planning and implementation of production plan. You also attend to purchasing activities. You work as a supervisor for production personnel and support organization in daily problem solving. You report to Factory Manager and work closely with sales, engineering and purchasing functions. You will also be part of production development with other production staff.

We require relevant technical education (e.g. engineer) and experience of production environment. You are social,  feel comfortable to act as a leader and you can communicate also in English. Knowledge and experience in clean air technology, sheet metal manufacturing and Lean-development methods are beneficial to you.

This position requires daily presence in Vilppula factory.

More information and applications please go to our webpage

r Biosafety cabinets Production Planner

Date Posted: 2017-09-07


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