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05.08.2016  |  963x
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Sample Preparation for Winners

with the Gerstel solutions

The MPS roboticPRO is a highly efficient GC/MS autosampler, optimized for flexibility and throughput. MPS roboticPRO holds significantly more samples providing fast, reliable and highly accurate processing. The MPS roboticPRO automatically changes between Liquid, Headspace, and SPME injection techniques. Thermal Desorption / Thermal Extraction, Dynamic Headspace (DHS) and Automated Liner Exchange (ALEX) can be added for increased flexibility and performance.

SPME calibration with derivatization and other liquid handling tasks are set up by mouse click without programming steps using Maestro software under integrated GC/MS system control. Priority samples can be added at any time without stopping the ongoing analysis sequence. PrepAhead productivity ensures that the complete GC/MS system is fully utilized.

The Gerstel tdu 2 is a fourth generation Thermal Desorption instrument from GERSTEL, building on more than 20 years of experience. The TDU 2 represents a flexible and powerful sample introduction platform for GC/MS offering the highest performance, new low split pneumatics for improved LODs and built-in alignment support for easy liner change.

The MPS robotic automation platform offers high precision delivery of samples, Barcode reading capability and up to 240 TDU tube sample capacity in standard configurations. The system performs automated spiking of adsorbent tubes with liquid standards as well as multiple sample introduction techniques such as Liquid, HS, SPME plus the following seven:

* Thermal Desorption of adsorbent packed tubes
* Direct Thermal Desorption/Extraction of solid samples
* Thermal Extraction of liquids in μ-vials
* Dynamic Headspace – DHS and DHS Large (1 L)
* Hot Injection and Trapping (HIT) for HS
* Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE) with the Gerstel twister®
* Pyrolysis using the Gerstel pyro


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