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09.01.2017  |  1300x
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Simulation services for R&D of complex fluids

Detailed insight shortens development time

Simulations of complex fluids can help to optimize product characteristics for use as well as in production in a fast and efficient way. As mentioned in the December issue of LABInsights magazine, the use of simulations in R&D can both save time as well as costs.

Electric Ant Lab is an independent private research laboratory providing contract-research consulting and simulation services in the field of rheology and transport of complex fluids.

Complex fluids are everywhere: from paint, foodstuffs, and shampoo, to blood and concrete slurry. What all these products have in common is that the way they flow is very complex. Sometime this is desirable, like paint that flows well when you apply it but doesn’t flow when it sticks to the wall. Other times it can lead to problems, for instance when the flow through transport tubes in the production process is to fast and the liquid turns into a semi-solid and clogs the pipe.

Our simulations of the flow of complex fluids are very detailed. To have a high predictive power, we simulate on the sub-particle level. This level of detail is not jet offered in currently available commercial simulation software. If you are interested in using simulations in you R&D, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to look at your specific R&D challenges for a tailored solution for your needs.


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