ProteinWorks™ Kits for routine LC-MS Protein Quantification

Waters® ProteinWorks™ Digestion Kits are specifically designed for fast, easy and routine LC-MS analysis of protein quantification via the surrogate peptide approach in bioanalysis.

* Use ProteinWorks™ for a standardized sample digestion with lot-traceable and pre-measured reagents
* Precise and reproducible results with a 3- or 5-steps, ready-to-use optimized protocol
* Flexibility in kit offerings
* Fast sample preparation in just 2-3 hours
* Applicable for a robust ADC quantification (Antibody Drug Conjugates)

The new Waters’ family of ProteinWorks™ protein sample preparation kits for bioanalysis generate sensitive, accurate and reproducible results in protein quantification of i.e. monoclonal antibodies and ADC’s. The kits and the optimized protocol supply a robust and standardized workflow, including ProteinWorks™ uElution SPE Kit for a post-digestion clean-up of excess of digestion reagents, phospholipides and other plasma and serum component.