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27.01.2020  |  252x
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Get the best out of your lab data

Discover the paperless lab academy 2020 PROGRAM

Too often the very first reason companies look for conserving laboratory information is for accessing quickly enough to a very specific piece of data that might be required for an investigation, a complaint or an inspection.
Therefore, million and trillion of numbers are kept in a single database just to be able to find out quickly on inspectors requests.

The Paperless Lab Academy (PLA) stimulates discussions about scientific data management and brings you answers to your daily pain points.
The 8th European edition will take place by April 21-22 2020 near the lake Maggiore in Baveno and discussions will be about mastering your Laboratories and quality information. They can offer much more to the companies they belong to. The huge amount of information stored in the laboratory systems can surely be exploited to become one of the most critical sources for business decisions.

Why is Quality not approached in the same way as finance is, when it is one of the most critical parameter that customers use to measure all companies?

At the Paperless Lab Academy we challenge the Status Quo, keynote speakers and solutions providers are very vocal about the fact that companies should really consider investing in exploiting the quality data for performance evaluation, in stimulating process improvements and in simulating scenarios that may lead to predictive quality.
How should this be approached then? What should you expect from the two days congress?

From Keynote speakers to interactive workshops we´ll be covering topics like:
-Rapid transfer of raw data to a shared environment in the cloud allowing the immediate use of this data at all levels. From easier integration of any laboratory instruments through the Internet of Lab Things to complete traceability of sample management and full data integrity compliance
-How Standard formats are simplifying the use and access to the data, even in GxP environments.
-Big Data being the new state of the evolution and artificial intelligence the real driver to predictions, recommendations, classification and automatic recognitions.
This new concept is destabilizing the organizations, not only IT departments which were focused on process enablement but also laboratories and R&D departments that are trying to learn how to embrace this new concept.
-The use of structured and unstructured data in real-time which is quickly replacing the use of old-fashion approaches to evaluate and solve “after-the-fact” problems. This approach will allow the use of largely under-utilized data to predict rather than correct. This approach is changing attitude at all company levels and real case study will be presented at the PLA2020.
-Broad ELN and LIMS implementation project

The Paperless Lab Academy 2020 is your place to be to find all answers and discuss with the ones that have already gone through it and share you same concerns


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