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06.01.2020  |  97x
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LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. keeps on growing

doubled warehouse surface

Since June 2016 we are located in our building on the Knibbelweg in Zevenhuizen (ZH, The Netherlands)). Due to the enormous growth of LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. in recent years, we no longer fit into our current building. We have now grown to 10 employees, 5 flex workers, some local agents and 3 business divisions:
-LabMakelaar (for laboratory equipment and furniture) (for glassware and disposables)
-LabForRent (for renting and renting out laboratory spaces)

Our logistics flow has become so large that our current warehouse is no longer adequate.

The property of our neighbors became vacant on January 1st and we took over the rent. The space will be used as a warehouse for the storage of our stock of laboratory furniture. Due to the expansion with this building, we have almost doubled the surface of our warehouse.

The building will be prepared for use in the coming weeks. For example, the space must be set up as a warehouse and a passage from our current warehouse to the new one must be made. Via our social media we will regularly give an update and you can follow the progress of the renovation.

If you want to come and take a look yourself, sign up now for a visit during the Week of the Circular Economy.


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