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10.07.2017  |  619x
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NL42 interviews Accenture & LabAnswer on the recent announce

PLA2018, an opportunity for Accenture & LabAnswer to share their message in Europe

The recently announced Accenture agreement to acquire LabAnswer, a leading US-based scientific and laboratory informatics consulting firm, has led to some reflections on the new coming lab informatics consulting landscape in Europe.

As organizer of the European Congress Papeless Lab Academy , Roberto Castelnovo (Owner at NL42 Consulting) had the opportunity to discuss with Brad Michel Managing Director – Life Sciences at Accenture and with Mark Everding, CEO and Managing Partner, and Patrick Pijanowski, Partner, Pharma & Life Sciences Practice, both from LabAnswer.

By combining LabAnswer’s industry knowledge and experience in scientific and laboratory informatics consulting with Accenture’s business consulting expertise, industry platforms, innovation capabilities and global scale, the acquisition will enhance Accenture’s ability to apply digital technologies to assist clients in transforming their scientific and laboratory processes across a variety of industries.

To the questions related to market and geographic expansion, Mark Everding commented:

“By becoming the foundation of Accenture Scientific Informatics Services, we are excited to be able to offer an enhanced range of market-leading services that transform our clients’ operations by streamlining processes from early-stage research, through development, and on into manufacturing and quality control. Becoming part of Accenture will also give us the opportunity to expand our US-based business to a global client base.”

The newly-formed Accenture Scientific Informatics Services will provide strategic advisory and consulting services supporting the entire product life cycle, deploy a team of experts in Europe and serve a variety of manufacturing markets such as pharmaceuticals, consumer products, chemical, petrochemical and more.

Pat Pijanowski’s strategically-oriented talks at the Paperless Lab Academy(PLA) are well-known, always welcomed and instrumental in setting the tone for every year’s central theme. We had the pleasure to count on his presentation at the 5th edition of PLA last April 2017 titled, Transformational Solutions Start with a Comprehensive Data Strategy. While at the PLA2016 he offered a talk titled Scientific Data Management and the Quest for Strategic Speed. And at the PLA2015, the focus of his presentation was much more on people’s mindset to manage the necessary changes, Managing Change to Maximize Value.

At Paperless Lab Academy, we´re eager to know more about how Accenture is planning to address the lab informatics market. We hope that next year’s edition of the PLA will be one of the selected European platforms to present their plans and discuss with the European audience.

Pat Pijanowski’s presentations at the Paperless Lab Academy are available on demand

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Paperless Lab Academy 2017
Transform scientific information into actionable insight Connect with colleagues who share similar operational issues as you have. Learn about user´s case studies and how they are deployed into their processes. Discover the informatics trends from cutting-edge thought leaders. Be in the know about the last informatics tools and methodologies in a creative and productive atmosphere. 2020 roadmap for digital convergence 5yearsThe Paperless Lab Academy is the ideal learning platform, for all organisations involved in running, consolidating, integrating or simplifying laboratory data management processes. The event is addressing executives in laboratory, IT, QC, QA, Management, Manufacturing, Research, legal departments. Harmonization, integrating IT systems, decreased financial budgets, increased privacy and security requirements and the need to reduce overall complexity is demanded by many organisations. These demands may seem conflicting! But where to start? * How to adopt new technologies and manage the associated risks such as privacy, security and data integrity? * How can we assure to address the “What’s-in-it-for-me” question across the management, manufacturing and scientific community ? * Which are the risks to implement life cycle based processes in our existing workflows? * To which extend do we need to re-validate processes? * How can we apply data analytics to our scientific processes?
04.04.2017 | Kongress | 2 Tage | Barcelona | Eintritt: frei (Registrierung erforderlich)


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