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Newsbericht August 2016

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ProteinWorks™ Kits for routine LC-MS Protein Quantification
ProteinWorks™ Kits for routine LC-MS Protein Quantification
Waters® ProteinWorks™ Digestion Kits are specifically designed for fast, easy and routine LC-MS analysis of protein quantification via the surrogate peptide approach in bioanalysis. • Use ProteinWorks™ for a standardized sample digestion with lot-traceable and pre-measured reagents • Precise and reproducible results with a 3- or 5-steps, ready-to-use optimized protocol • Flexibility in kit offerings • Fast sample preparation in just 2-3 hours • Applicable for a robust ADC quantification (Antibody Drug Conjugates) The new Waters’ family of ProteinWorks™ protein sample preparation kits for bioanalysis generate sensitive, accurate and reproducible results in protein quantification of i.e. monoclonal antibodies and ADC’s. The kits and the optimized protocol supply a robust and standardized workflow, including ProteinWorks™ uElution SPE Kit for a post-digestion clean-up of excess of digestion reagents, phospholipides and other plasma and serum component.
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Erlab introduces Smart Technology during WoTS
Erlab introduces Smart Technology during WoTS
Erlab introduces Smart Technology with the first ductless fume hood and chemical storage cabinet utilizing Smart-Light communication that is enriched by the new eGuard app. Smart Technology is based on a very simple idea, which is to provide Erlab products with an easily identifiable method of communication; the Smart-Light. A light signature across the fascia of our products, which casts a soft, stable LED glow ensuring proper operation. If normal operation is disrupted, the reassuring LED signature simply pulses, drawing the attention of the operator only when necessary. Thanks to Smart-Light, the operator remains focused on the task at hand, which improves safety. Screens or gauges are no longer needed on the product itself.
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ESCMID updates C. difficile diagnostic guidelines
The European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) has just released new guidelines on best practice methods to diagnose Clostridium difficile infection (CDI). The latest document updates the original 2009 guidelines produced by the society, and includes recommendations concerning the use of new diagnostic technology such as nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT). In total 795 new studies were identified, of which 693 were excluded and 102 selected for review. Of these, a further 61 were excluded, leaving 41 studies to be taken forward and used to support the new guidelines. Reasons for exclusion included incorrect or inconsistent reference testing, incorrect or inconsistent index testing, incorrect sample storage and incomplete sample testing. A total of 43 studies were also considered from the original meta-analysis, of which 28 were excluded and 15 taken forward. Various laboratory assays available from commercial suppliers were
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Improved Analysis of FAMEs using GC-VUV
Improved Analysis of FAMEs using GC-VUV
The determination of the fatty acid composition of edible oils and fats (as their methyl esters or fatty acid methyl esters [FAMEs]) is routinely performed in food laboratories globally. The level of detail that is required depends on the intended use of the data. For label claim purposes a distinction between saturated, mono-unsaturated, and poly-unsaturated fatty acids generally suffices. Studies on the health impact of fat consumption, on the other hand, require detailed information on chain length distributions and number and positions of double bonds, as well as double bond orientation (cis versus trans). Trans levels have attracted increased attention in recent years because of adverse health impacts associated with such acids, such as increased cholesterol levels and an increased risk of coronary hearth diseases. The standard method for trans-FAME analysis is capillary gas chromatography (GC) on a 50 m to 100 m highly polar cyanopropyl column. With this technique
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Rheological measurements with MCR 72/ 92 the wisest choice See things change
Rheological measurements with MCR 72/ 92 the wisest choice
See things change Experience the new rheometers MCR 72 and MCR 92, the wisest choice for quick and easy rheological measurements for your daily lab routine. • Motor-driven elevation mechanism for unmatched reproducibility • Perfect view of your sample with the integrated TruRay lighting • Intuitive software: predefined test templates, videos and pictures • Easy handling and accuracy with features like QuickConnect and SafeGap. Contact Anton Paar Benelux for more information.
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ECTRIMS 2016 to present breaking MS research in London
The late-breaking sessions at the congress will discuss the newest data and abstracts 16 August 2016, London: The European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) previews the key sessions ahead of its annual congress – a dedicated platform to promote and enhance research in Multiple Sclerosis. The 32nd edition of the world’s largest congress of multiple sclerosis will take place in London from 14 – 17 September 2016. In total the congress will gather over 8000 of the world’s most prominent clinical and research professionals, with 61 sessions and over two thousand abstracts presented – the most researched topics are ‘imaging’ (213 abstracts), ‘immunomodulation/immunosuppression’ (195), ‘Clinical assessment tools’ (102), ‘Long-term treatment monitoring’ (91) and ‘Risk management for disease modifying treatments’ (87). Keynote presentations in 2016 include parallel sessions on ‘Insights to long-term treatment effects from MS registries and databases’ and ‘Long-term outcome after presentation with a clinically isolated
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ClinTec Intl appoints Global Head of Clinical Operations
Ex-Astra Zeneca Alastair MacDonald appointed Global Head of Clinical Operations August 9th, 2016: ClinTec International announces the appointment of Alastair MacDonald, Global Head of Clinical Operations, as the organisation continues to deliver on its ambitious global market-leading clinical research capabilities. Alastair joins from AstraZeneca with almost 25 years’ experience in clinical development, most recently, as Global Medical Evidence and Observational Research Director at AstraZeneca. As a Global Delivery Director within AstraZeneca, Alastair made key contributions to the development pipeline and commercialisation, with a focus on oncology, and within other key strategic AstraZeneca areas including Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Respiratory Medicine. His significant oncology background includes recent contributions to the development and subsequent commercialisation of a number of key treatments across a broad range of cancer diseases. Alastair was a Board Director of the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR), a premier organisation
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Sample Preparation for Winners with the Gerstel solutions
Sample Preparation for Winners
with the Gerstel solutions The MPS roboticPRO is a highly efficient GC/MS autosampler, optimized for flexibility and throughput. MPS roboticPRO holds significantly more samples providing fast, reliable and highly accurate processing. The MPS roboticPRO automatically changes between Liquid, Headspace, and SPME injection techniques. Thermal Desorption / Thermal Extraction, Dynamic Headspace (DHS) and Automated Liner Exchange (ALEX) can be added for increased flexibility and performance. SPME calibration with derivatization and other liquid handling tasks are set up by mouse click without programming steps using Maestro software under integrated GC/MS system control. Priority samples can be added at any time without stopping the ongoing analysis sequence. PrepAhead productivity ensures that the complete GC/MS system is fully utilized. The Gerstel tdu 2 is a fourth generation Thermal Desorption instrument from GERSTEL, building on more than 20 years of experience. The TDU 2 represents a flexible
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New location for LabMakelaar Benelux BV Invitation 2 september 2016
New location for LabMakelaar Benelux BV
Invitation 2 september 2016 We are very pleased to announce that as per 1 July we moved offices from Nieuwerkerk a / d IJssel to our new location in Zevenhuizen (ZH). We now have a beautiful showroom, a service centre for repair and services purposes, a large warehouse of more than 1,500 m2 for storage of a lot of equipment, furniture and consumables and an office space all combined at one central location. Our main goal is to provide independent, personal and efficient sale and procurement services of second-hand laboratory instruments and furniture. We consider our move an important step to improve our services and product offering further and to be able to serve you even better in the future. To celebrate this important step with us and to show you our new facilities, we kindly invite you for the official opening event on Friday 2 September 2016 between 15:00 - 19:00 hours. We would appreciate it if you could let us know before 26 August whether you will be able to attend the official
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Particle Analysis at the Touch of a Button
Particle Analysis at the Touch of a Button
The Anton Paar Litesizer™ 500 gives you rapid and accurate insight into your particle systems, and provides the tools for optimizing them by revealing how they change with time, pH, temperature and concentration. - Particle size measured by DLS - several different particle sizes in a single suspension can be resolved - Molecular mass measured by SLS - fast and noninvasive - Zeta potential measured by ELS - with patented cmPALS technology (European Patent 2 735 870) - Transmittance measured continuously – lets you select the best parameters for your sample.
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Save 10% on Ecotron and Celltron
Save 10% on Celltron shaker plateau and Ecotron shaker incubator Celltron benefits: best results; gentle magnetic drive; antimicrobial surface; minimal heat emission; intuitive operation; corrosion resistant; maximum reliability. Ecotron benefits: penta-drive; vibrationless; gradient-free; on or under-bench; spill proof; easy to maintain; stackable up to 2 units. Do not wait to contact Infors Benelux for a quote. This offer is effective immediately until 26th of August 2016!
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Plasticell and NUI Galway initiate cancer stem cell collab
Plasticell, the biotechnology company using combinatorial technologies for stem cell research and the optimization of cell and gene therapy manufacturing, has announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway) focused on methods of eradicating cancer stem cells. Many malignant tumors are initiated and maintained by a discrete population of tumour cells that share many of the characteristics of normal adult stem cells. However, unlike the majority of cancer cells that comprise a tumour, cancer stem cells (CSCs) are often refractory to chemotherapy and are thought to be primarily responsible for relapse following cancer treatment. It has been shown that CSCs, appropriately stimulated by certain drugs, become susceptible to chemotherapy, leading to complete tumour remission once drug treatment is withdrawn. Plasticell’s proprietary Combinatorial Cell Culture™ (CombiCult®) platform will be used to discover
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San++ Continuous Flow Analyzer Automated Wet Chemistry Analysis
San++ Continuous Flow Analyzer
Automated Wet Chemistry Analysis The San++ offers complete automation of all colorimetric parameters such as NH4, NO3, PO4, F, Cl, SO4, MBAS, Phenol index, Total /Free CN, Total N & P with automatic in-line sample pretreatment e.g. distillation and/or digestion. Typical application areas are Water, Beer/Malt, Wine, Tobacco, Soil/Plant/Fertilizer etc.
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