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Newsbericht Juli 2016

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Now available…KRSS MS-QuietBox II Noise reduction for laboratory gas generators
Now available…KRSS MS-QuietBox II
Noise reduction for laboratory gas generators • Install without Mass Spec downtime • Viewing window for monitoring generator status • Integral fans maintains generator at optimum temperature • Compatible with all common Nitrogen gas generators • Easy access for generator maintenance • Flatpack delivery, can be assembled in 5 minutes - no tools required • Manufactured in the UK • Automatic thermal fans - automatically control speed via thermal sensor • Unique design allows service exchange of panels to reduce downtime • CE Marked
29.07.2016  |  892x  |  Produktnews  | 
Formacs series Totaal organische koolstof (TOC) / Totaal stikstof (TN) analysers
Formacs series
Totaal organische koolstof (TOC) / Totaal stikstof (TN) analysers The Formacs series Total Organic Carbon (TOC) / Total Nitrogen analyzers offer the perfect solution when there is a need for rapid and reliable tests for carbon and/or nitrogen in samples coming from a variety of natural, domestic and industrial sources. A choice of analyzers is available offering the High Temperature Combustion technique or the UV-promoted persulfate digestion methodology.
28.07.2016  |  913x  |  Produktbeschreibung  | 
Primacs series Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Carbon (TC) analyzer
Primacs series
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Carbon (TC) analyzer The PrimacsSNC-100 is our latest, modern and flexible sample analyzer with integrated 100-position autosampler for determination of Nitrogen (N), Protein, Total Carbon (TC), Total Elemental Carbon (TEC), Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) all in one unit.
28.07.2016  |  1303x  |  Produktbeschreibung  | 
SP2000 Robotic analyzer Turnkey or custom-made automation solutions
SP2000 Robotic analyzer
Turnkey or custom-made automation solutions Skalar’s sophisticated SP2000 robotic platform offers dedicated and flexible automation solutions for routine analytical testing. Automation is available for a variety of applications including: BOD, COD, Test kit applications (ST-COD, TP, TN etc.), pH, Conductivity (EC), Alkalinity, Carbonate/Bicarbonate, Turbidity, Color, Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) applications and Particle size distribution analysis in soil, Automatic weighing and filtration of the sample, Automatic sample pipetting etc.. Combinations of analyses or custom-made applications are also possible. All applied methods are in compliance with international regulations ISO, EPA, Standard Methods, DIN etc.
28.07.2016  |  1358x  |  Produktbeschreibung  | 
Skalar has developed robotic analyzer for water laboratory Fully automated analysis of pH, EC, Turbidity and Color
Skalar has developed robotic analyzer for water laboratory
Fully automated analysis of pH, EC, Turbidity and Color Skalar has developed the SP2000 fully automated robotic analyzer for the analysis of pH, EC, Turbidity and Color for a prominent UK water laboratory, which processes approximately 500 water samples each day. The laboratory uses three identical SP2000 Robotic analyzers to handle the large amount of samples efficiently every day. Each robot holds 6 sample racks each with 27 sample positions. These sample racks are custom made to fit the 250 ml screw cap plastic sample collection bottles as used by the laboratory. Skalar developed a special de-capping mechanism for unscrewing and screwing the caps. Integrating this level of automation eliminates time-consuming manual sample handling steps, enabling the laboratory to use the same sample bottles throughout the entire process, from sample collection to sample analysis on the SP2000 robotic platform
28.07.2016  |  617x  |  Kurzbericht  | 
Women more likely to die within 30-days from bacterial blood
Staphylococcus aureus blood infection 30% more fatal in women than men, but the reasons re 27/07/2016, Denmark: Clinicians around the world have long suspected that bacteraemia due to Staphylococcus aureus has a worse outcome in women compared to men, but direct evidence has been elusive. A study just published confirms that significantly more women than men diagnosed with Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia (SAB) – a blood infection of the common bacteria – die within 30 days. Researchers from Denmark and Spain analysed data on 2,638 patients diagnosed with bacteraemia caused by Staphylococcus aureus. The study authors extracted data from population-based medical registers in Denmark from 2000 and 2011. When they assessed deaths within the first 30 days, they found that 29% of the women died compared to 22% of the men. Women therefore are 1.3 times more likely to die within a month of developing Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia (adjusted hazard ratio = 1.30 [95% CI; 1.11-1.53]). The findings were published in the June issue of the journal of Clinical
27.07.2016  |  509x  |  Kurzbericht
Symcel secures Phase I Horizon 2020 grant
Initial €50,000 Phase 1 grant will fund full feasibility study Symcel: 20 July 2016: Symcel, the company behind the revolutionary cell-based assay tool for real-time cellular bioenergetic measurements, calScreener™, has secured Horizon 2020 Phase I funding to prepare the company for the planned commercialisation of its groundbreaking technology. The €50,000 Phase 1 grant will fund a full feasibility study. calScreener, the calorimetry based diagnostic tool, addresses the industry’s inability to carry out anti microbial susceptibility testing in key clinical fields, including biofilm infection, due to the non existence to date of effective assay and monitoring technologies available to the market. Symcel’s novel technology and approach meets these unmet diagnostic needs head on. It provides clinicians dealing with bacterial infections with accurate and fast tests that determine whether an antibiotic should be used in the patient, the type of antibiotic to utilize and the choice of therapy to apply. Magnus Jannsson, Chief
22.07.2016  |  544x  |  Kurzbericht
Tecan and CellSpring announced a co-marketing agreement
to automate the 3D Bloom® platform on a Freedom EVO® workstation Tecan and CellSpring, a biotech spin-out from ETH Zurich, have announced a co-marketing agreement to automate the 3D Bloom® platform on a Freedom EVO® workstation. This latest collaboration will further extend Tecan’s automated 3D cell culture portfolio, allowing scientists to take advantage of a high throughput technology with an extended cell viability period of at least seven days in the assay matrix. The adaptive 3D Bloom Biopolymer Platform is compatible with all cell types and is ideal for both mono and co-culture assays. 3D microtissues can be prepared in microplate format within minutes, and analysis carried out while still in the culture matrix. Kevin Moore, Manager of Liquid Handling Products and Application Management, commented: “As a leader in the field of automated 3D cell culture, Tecan is delighted to be working with CellSpring to implement its microplate-based 3D Bloom platform on the Freedom EVO. This will allow scientists to benefit from straightforward,
15.07.2016  |  521x  |  Kurzbericht
Vaisala introduces new viewLinc Monitoring System Easy to install & use, with wireless signal strength that stops at nothing.
Vaisala introduces new viewLinc Monitoring System
Easy to install & use, with wireless signal strength that stops at nothing. With the new Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System, set-up and use is simple. The instructive software interface and unique wireless technology provide worry-free, reliable monitoring in minutes… • Do-it-Yourself deployment, self-configuring loggers • Simple, intuitive user interface • Unique, truly reliable wireless technology with superior signal strength • Optional compliance tools: IQOQ protocols and GxP documentation In the brief video you’ll see why this new environmental monitoring system is revolutionizing how critical products and processes are safeguarded...
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Shingles doubles stroke risk for several years, study shows
Researchers in S.Korea identified shingles as a persistent risk factor for stroke 04/07/2016, Seoul, South Korea: The study by researchers from the Department of Neurology at the University of Ulsan College of Medicine in Seoul showed that herpes zoster infection not only raised the risk of ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke but also that of a transient ischaemic attack (TIA), a warning mini-stroke often preceding a full-blown stroke. The results are published in the June edition of Clinical Microbiology and Infection. Lead researcher Sun U. Kwon and colleagues assessed the prevalence of stroke/TIA in people who experienced shingles, which is triggered by a reactivation of the varicella zoster virus that causes chickenpox in children, and those who did not. People who were diagnosed with shingles were almost twice as likely for several years to have a TIA or full-blown stroke, the study showed. The risk after infection was highest in the youngest people studied; 18-to-30-year olds were more than twice as likely to have a TIA or stroke, and the
04.07.2016  |  510x  |  Kurzbericht
Rainin TerraRacks™ help advance neurological research
The neuroimmunology laboratory at Nuovo Ospedale S. Agostino Estense di Baggiovara in Mode Biologist Dr Roberta Bedin explained: “Most of the laboratory’s work is specialist diagnostic testing of cerebrospinal fluid from patients suffering from neurological diseases, but we also carry out research into conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.” “I have used Rainin LTS pipettes – single and multichannel – for many years, and find them easy to handle, light weight and accurate. The multichannel pipette is especially useful for ELISAs. The LTS tips are well made and not too rigid, and the design of the pipettes allows them to be picked up without using a lot of force. Recently, our stockist suggested we tried TerraRacks. I like the fact that the racks are transparent so that you can see what you are doing and, as the plastic is recyclable, the environmental impact is taken into account. In general, the larger the volume of waste, the greater the cost of disposal. TerraRacks are not only recyclable, they can also be compressed
04.07.2016  |  573x  |  Produktnews
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