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Newsbericht Dezember 2016

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Symcel and Colzyx partner to test 25 novel, peptides
The first time ever peptides of this nature are tested for effectiveness in combating microbial infection using bioenergetic measurements. Symcel: 21 December 2016: Symcel, the company behind the revolutionary cell-based assay tool for real-time cellular bioenergetic measurements, calScreener™, has partnered with Colzyx to test 25 different new collagen VI derived antimicrobial peptides – analysing their capability to kill bacterial growth. These newly discovered, first-in-kind peptides each have the capability to kill bacteria in different ways. The technology will be used flexibly to test each peptide independently or in combination with others. Testing the collagen VI derived peptides with Symcel’s calScreener, with the calorimetric measurement of heat generated by metobolism, provides rapid generation of unique information that can’t be acquired through other experimental methods. The novel calScreener™ technology provides continuous kinetic data for
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International executives forecast 24% growth in India 2017
CPhI and P-MEC India records attendance of 42,206 thanks to India Pharma Week Mumbai, 16th December 2016: CPhI & P-MEC India 2016 – organised by Ubm emea and UBM India – announce the international survey data from its in-depth research on pharma in India following the closing of the first CPhI India Pharma Week in Mumbai. The seven-day event saw 42,206 visitors and 1,423 exhibitors attend the BEC/BKC Centres to celebrate 10 years of CPhI India The findings showed that international companies are estimating 24% growth in India over the next year, mirroring previously announced domestic manufacturers’ exceptional confidence in the market’s prospects. Just over half of the respondents (53%) believed that domestic sales within India would be stronger than exports in driving demand in the next 3-5 years - a notable statistic as the Indian pharma industry is often perceived as an export-led marketplace. The executives were split on which parts the supply chain will experience the strongest growth, with finished formulation (55%) and API (48%) identified
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Rainin TerraRacks™ provide a greener alternative for pipetti
Rainin TerraRacks™ provide a greener alternative for pipetti
Mettler Toledo’s Rainin TerraRacks™ have enabled the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy, to adopt a more environmentally-friendly approach to manual pipetting. Dr Bronislava Matoskova, Molecular Medicine Program Manager, explained: “As well as regular biochemistry and molecular biology studies, we analyze human tissue, blood and serum as part of a molecular medicine research program. We use large numbers of pipette tips and are keen to reduce the environmental impact of our work as much as possible. When I saw the TerraRack, I was immediately captivated by its green concept, which minimizes the waste produced. It was love at first sight!” “TerraRacks are transparent and the hinged lid ensures that the tips remain clean and free from contaminants, which is crucial for any application where sterility is important. I’m particularly pleased about the environmental benefits. The TerraRack is lightweight and can be compressed so that it takes up less space,
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Next generation Proxima™ blood gas analyser launched Patient dedicated analyser delivers lab quality results quicker at the point of care
Next generation Proxima™ blood gas analyser launched
Patient dedicated analyser delivers lab quality results quicker at the point of care Sphere Medical has launched its next generation CE-marked Proxima™ system. This unique bedside blood gas analyser (BGA) incorporates a new design and an extended analyte panel. Parameters now added to the new system include glucose and calculated parameters, such as P/F ratio and temperature corrected gases. The ability to monitor blood gases and measure blood glucose frequently and easily, directly by the patient, can enable earlier interventions and closer patient management, which is vital in fast changing critical situations. As a patient dedicated system, Proxima is always connected to the patient via their arterial line and ready to go instantly. Since results are also delivered without the caregiver leaving the patient’s bedside, this significantly reduces time to result compared to conventional benchtop analysers. Its novel design means the system can travel with the patient on their pathway through the hospital. This is possible since the Proxima sensor
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Can genetic testing determine antimicrobial susceptibility?
EUCAST experts say not yet… 8 December 2016, Basel: Experts at the European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (EUCAST), who define the optimal drug concentrations to inhibit the growth of pathogens, have found that genetic methods cannot yet be used to test for susceptibility in a number of important bacterial species. Although there have been advances in whole genome sequencing (WGS), which allows to determine the DNA sequence of an organism’s genome at a single time, there are still several hurdles to overcome before this type of genetic testing can be used in clinical laboratories, they concluded. A eucast subcommittee dedicated to reviewing the role of WGS in antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) considered the most recent published evidence on the use of whole genome sequencing as a tool for susceptibility testing. The group – comprising of over a dozen leading experts and led by Prof. Neil Woodford, Head of Public Health England’s Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare
08.12.2016  |  474x  |  Kurzbericht
Simplifying environmental microbiology research with Rainin
Simplifying environmental microbiology research with Rainin
Researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks are using a Mettler toledo rainin Pos-D™ positive-displacement pipette to investigate the role of chemical dispersants in the biodegradation of oil in Arctic marine environments. Taylor Gofstein, a PhD student, explained: “Little is known about the fate of oil or oil spill response chemicals – like dispersants – in Arctic waters, since most studies regarding dispersants are performed in temperate regions. There is currently a pretty hot debate in the environmental microbiology community about the role dispersants play in the biodegradation of oil; one hypothesis suggests that they increase bioavailability to microorganisms – speeding up the process – while a few researchers suggest they are degraded in preference to petroleum contaminants, slowing the process. This is a key question we are interested in answering, and we recently performed a major incubation experiment using Arctic seawater.” “Starting with 250 liters
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New BD Veritor™ Plus System
BD Unveils Next Generation Wireless Point-of-Care Diagnostic Device BD Unveils Next Generation Wireless Point-of-Care Diagnostic Device New BD Veritor™ Plus System Enables Fast and Accurate Test Results for Health Care Providers Franklin lakes, September 21, 2016 – BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE: BDX), a leading global medical technology company, today announced the launch of its next generation wireless rapid diagnostic system for detection of influenza A and B, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and group A strep, with new traceability and secure patient health record documentation features and functionality. The new wireless BD Veritor™ Plus System provides health care providers and laboratorians in physician offices, clinics, hospitals and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) with objective, lab-quality immunoassay test results within minutes. This rapid and accurate solution streamlines the point-of-care (POC) diagnostic workflow and enables providers to quickly review patient results to assist in determining the
06.12.2016  |  927x  |  Produktnews
Grootschalige enquête over meet- en regeltechniek
Mix van interesse in klassieke toepassingen en Industrie 4.0 In de aanloop naar M+R voerde beursorganisator Easyfairs een grootschalige enquête uit. Bedoeling was te peilen naar de items op het vlak van meet- en regeltechniek waarover de Belgische bedrijven zich de meeste vragen stellen. “We hebben nu de perfecte leidraad om een randprogramma te ontwikkelen dat op maat van de bezoeker is gesneden en dus een echte toegevoegde waarde biedt”, aldus Event Director John Barbier. Binnen het trio Maintenance-Cleantech-M+R dat Easyfairs op 29 en 30 maart 2017 in Antwerp Expo organiseert, is M+R het grootste gespecialiseerde event voor procesinstrumentatie in België. Barbier: “Dankzij onze doelgerichte aanpak is M+R uitgegroeid tot een gevestigde waarde in het industriële landschap van meet- en regelapparatuur. Bezoekers vinden er een uiterst relevant aanbod aan oplossingen en diensten om het debiet, de temperatuur, het niveau, de druk, de viscositeit, de zuurtegraad, ... in hun processen te monitoren en bij te sturen. Maar meet- en
06.12.2016  |  492x  |  Kurzbericht
Are we ready? The next acronym you need to know: RPA Robotic Proces Automation
Are we ready? The next acronym you need to know: RPA
Robotic Proces Automation Due to McKinsey, Robotic process automation is a promising new development in business automation that offers a potential ROI of 30–200 percent—in the first year. Will employees like it too? During the Paperless Lab Academy 2017, will also highlight several aspects related to this theme but with an eye on the laboratory operations.
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New Standard for Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator with the Eclipse 4760 of OI Analytical
New Standard for Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator
with the Eclipse 4760 of OI Analytical The Eclipse 4760 Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator sets a new standard for ease-of-use for volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis. The new 4th generation system includes the popular features from the Eclipse platform that chemists around the world rely on for accurate, dependable results. Oi eclipse purge-AND-Trap sample concentrator The Eclipe 4760 comes along with technology enhancements, intuitive software, and a slim-line, open architecture design that saves bench space and allows easy access to components. Engineered to increase efficiency, and ease of operation, the Eclipse 4760 maximizes throughput, simplifies troubleshooting, and minimizes system downtime for fast accurate, dependable results. Fully complies with all Usepa clp, State, EU, and Iso voc methods, protocols, and audit requirements..
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New BD Phoenix™ M50 System
BD Expands Efforts to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance with New Automated ID/AST System BD Expands Efforts to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance with New Automated ID/AST System New BD Phoenix™ M50 System delivers modularity, reliability, affordability and high-quality susceptibility results needed by clinical microbiology laboratories worldwide Franklin lakes, N.J., Sept. 30, 2016 – BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE: BDX), a leading global medical technology company, today announced the launch of its next generation diagnostic instrument for the rapid identification of bacteria and detection of antimicrobial resistance. The global health care community is facing unprecedented challenges with the spread of multidrug resistant organisms, and today’s clinical microbiology laboratories are under increasing pressure to provide fast and accurate bacterial identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing (ID/AST) results to influence clinical decision and outcomes. The new BD Phoenix™ M50 ID/AST system helps deliver the same rapid, accurate
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New HPLC column; InertSustain AQ-C18
Highly Polar Compound Retention with 100% Aqueous Mobile Phases 1. Exceptional retention for highly polar compounds (hydrophilic) 2. Highly inert packing material results in less tailing of peaks for virtually any type of analytes 3. Extreme resistance to low and high pH mobile phases 4. Endlessly reproducible from column-to-column and batch-to-batch InertSustain AQ-C18 columns are designed to achieve strong retention for highly polar compounds, which is the most challenging goals in developing reversed phase methods. The optimization of bonding of the C18 groups at equal distance to the silica gel enable InertSustain AQ-C18 to offer significant retention for highly polar compounds even under water rich mobile phases. As illustrated in the following plot, InertSustain AQ-C18 provided exceptional retention for highly polar compounds even under water rich mobile phases without dewetting or phase collapse.
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