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Newsbericht Oktober 2016

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5 Year Paperless Lab Academy! 4 & 5 April 2017 - Barcelona 2 Day congress. 20 workshops - 2020 Roadmap for Digital convergence
5 Year Paperless Lab Academy! 4 & 5 April 2017 - Barcelona
2 Day congress. 20 workshops - 2020 Roadmap for Digital convergence Transforming scientific information into actionable insight The Paperless Lab Academy is the ideal learning platform, for all organisations involved in running, consolidating, integrating or simplifying laboratory data management processes. The PLA is addressing executives in laboratory, IT, QA, Management, Manufacturing, Research, legal departments. Harmonization, integrating IT systems, decreased financial budgets, increased privacy and security requirements and the need to reduce overall complexity is demanded by many organisations. These demands may seem conflicting! But where to start? • How to adopt new technologies and manage the associated risks such as privacy, security and data integrity? • How can we assure to address the “What’s-in-it-for-me” question across the management, manufacturing and scientific community are creating understand each other? • What are risks to implement life cycle based processes in our existing workflows? • To what extend
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Pharmapack Awards 2017 closing
Calling all pharma packaging and drug delivery innovators Paris, 26th October 2016: Pharmapack Europe, organised by Ubm emea, calls on all innovators across pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery to apply for the Pharmapack Awards 2017 – before its closing submission date on Friday, November 11th 2016. The awards have been a central aspect of Pharmapack since its inception in 1997, and bestow recognition to the most exciting innovations and breakthrough developments. In 2017, the Pharmapack Awards are focused on two categories: ‘Exhibitor Innovations’ and ‘Health Products’. The Health Products category recognises health products (human/veterinary medicine and medical devices) that have been launched to market since March 2016 and before January 2017. This award acknowledges the successful collaboration of pharmaceutical companies and their packaging suppliers. Award entries will be judged by a leading expert panel of independent doctors and pharmacists, including president of the jury, Professor Philippe Arnaud
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Delivering a first-class service
Delivering a first-class service
Researchers at the Infectious and Inflammatory Disease Center, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in La Jolla, USA, rely on Rainin Pipet-Lite™ XLS pipettes and filter tips for studies to identify disease-driving genes and pathways in autoimmune and infectious diseases, and cancer. Antje Rhode-Kurnow, senior laboratory manager and scientific specialist in the center’s Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, Carl Ware Lab, explained: “We do a lot of virus work, particularly experiments involving DNA and RNA studies, and it is essential to avoid any potential for contamination. Everything we use in our BSL-2 tissue culture room must be sterile, and one of the main reasons for choosing Rainin is that it offers sterile DNase/RNase-free filter tips for its pipettes.” “We have a mix of manual and electronic, single and multichannel pipettes. Everybody loves the Pipet-Lite XLS pipettes because they are light weight and it is very easy to change the volume settings.
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Pharmapack Europe celebrates 20 years of pharma packaging
Meet with leading suppliers and discover the latest innovations in the industry Paris, 17th October 2016: Pharmapack Europe (#PharmapackEU), organised by Ubm emea, is a two-day exhibition and conference dedicated to pharmaceutical packaging, drug delivery and affiliated industries. Next year’s event is on 1 & 2 February 2017 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles (Hall 4), Paris. 2017 marks the event’s 20th successful year, and over its lifetime it has grown in size, profile and popularity from a bi-annual event to a major annual show that attracts 5,100+ visitors and over 380 exhibitors from more than 70 countries around the world. Attendees and delegates range from CEOs and CMCs to pharmacists and business execs, and work in every area from R&D and drug development to purchasing, engineering, marketing, logistics and business development. Innovation is at the very heart of Pharmapack. An Innovation Gallery showcases selected industry innovations from exhibitors, while Innovation Tours guided by industry experts take visitors on a tour
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Envigo collaboration completes REACH registration
Collaboration with OCSiAl and Intertek results in single wall carbon nanotubes 13 October 2016: Envigo is pleased to announce the successful outcome of its industry collaboration with Intertek and OCSiAl to meet the latter’s regulatory requirements for its core product: TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes. As a result of the collaboration, OCSiAl has opened a new substance in the EU’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation under the number 01-2120130006-75-0000. This registration proves that TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes fully comply with REACH regulations. OCSiAl is the world’s first manufacturer of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) to complete REACH registration, taking the lead in raising the visibility of nanotube management worldwide and boosting its applications in a wide range of industries. Over the course of six months, scientists at OCSiAl, Envigo and Intertek collaborated to conduct extensive research and testing on potentially hazardous properties of SWCNT. These efforts
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Hettich centrifuge Mikro 185 for a special price
Hettich centrifuge Mikro 185 for a special price
Hettich centrifuge Mikro 185 is suitable for molecular biology applications. It is a very fast and reliable centrifuge with a maximum of 17,008 RCF. The Micro 185 has a special price of 999, - and is delivered with angle rotor 1226. This offer is valid untill 31 December 2016. The terms and conditions can be found on our website.
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TQC’s PowderTAG measures smart and accurate Coating thickness analysis
TQC’s PowderTAG measures smart and accurate
Coating thickness analysis In 2015 TQC introduced the prototype of the PowderTAG at trade fairs around the world. After a year of many test runs and fine tuning the PowderTAG is finally released. The instrument measures POWDER coating thickness up to 300 µm before and after cure. Non-contact, non-destructive and on metal substrates such as steel or aluminum. PowderTAG measures smart A sophisticated combination of infrared and photo thermal measurements guarantee precise and repeatable coating thickness measurements. Because the PowderTAG’s pulse does not need to be perpendicular, and has a small measuring spot, the PowderTAG is very suitable to accurately determine the layer thickness on small, curved or hard to reach objects. Even on wire frames or small corners and edges. A LED pointer assists in determining the correct distance and location. Due to the non-contact measuring principle parts can be tested on a slow moving line without damaging the coating. For higher line speeds it is recommended
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Installation Gram Biobasic free of charge
Installation Gram Biobasic free of charge
The new Gram line Biobasic consists of three models refrigerators and freezers, suitable for general laboratory applications (ATEX). You can use them for a reliable and professional storage of your materials. Features include a high / low temperature and door alarm, automatic defrost and a unique flow. Free installation is valid until 18 November 2016.
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ESCMID and ASM’s joint conference reviews results
Need for new strategies and tactics to fight antimicrobial resistance The European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) and the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) have just closed a joint conference in Vienna, which aimed to help researchers accelerate the development of new antimicrobials and to shed light on the challenges associated with antimicrobial resistance. Several key presentations at the conference highlighted important issues in the field of antimicrobials: the optimisation of drug development, strategies to overcome regulatory hurdles, public-private partnerships, innovative trial design, approaches to decrease resistance in new molecules or better access to safe and effective treatment for special populations including children or pregnant women. Regulation of innovative approaches to tackle resistance Widespread drug resistance to antibiotics was the central theme of the conference. Dr John H. Rex, Chief Strategy Officer at AstraZeneca, stressed that all future clinical trials
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PrinzenAdvies offers quick scan for your lab safety, quality, efficiency of space use, energy consumption and maintenance
PrinzenAdvies offers quick scan for your lab
safety, quality, efficiency of space use, energy consumption and maintenance PrinzenAdvies can check your lab or lab department with a quick scan in one day on five critical points. This assessment focuses on safety, quality, efficiency of space use, energy consumption and maintenance. The improvement points from this quick scan can be a guide for setting up a safer and more efficient lab and overall increase in the level of quality. The ’ APK for the lab ’ of PrinzenAdvies is the starting point to work with managers and laboratory staff to start an optimization process. Make an appointment for an intake
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MagSiMUS Experience for LC-MS/MS or UHPLC users Official launch of the MagSiMUSDX in Geleen
MagSiMUS Experience for LC-MS/MS or UHPLC users
Official launch of the MagSiMUSDX in Geleen It is our pleasure to invite LC-MS/MS or UHPLC users to the official launch of the MagSiMUSDX, during The MagSiMUS Experience. This exclusive event will take place on Thursday, November 17th, 2016 in MagnaMedics’ demonstration laboratory in Geleen (Netherlands). MagSiMUSDX is a unique liquid handling tool that bridges the gap between automated biological sample preparation and mass spectrometry/UHPLC analyses. It makes use of the paramagnetic MagSiMUS clean-up technique for biological samples such as blood, serum, plasma and urine. In addition to the launch of the MagSiMUSDX The MagSiMUS Experience program also provides the opportunity to attend live demonstrations and workshops with the MagSiMUS technology. If you wish, you can also bring your own clinical samples for analysis. Possible applications (such as the measurement of immunosuppressants, MMA, Vitamin D2/D3, Vitamin B1/B6 and steroids) will be further illustrated by speakers in a mini-seminar. Can
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CPhI Worldwide announces the winners of CPhI Pharma Awards
13 prestigious pharma leaders were picked from 100 entries CPhI Worldwide, organised by Ubm emea, announce the winners of the distinguished 2016 CPhI Pharma Awards live at a dedicated gala dinner in the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I, Barcelona. Udit Batra, Ph.D., Member of the Executive Board of Merck and CEO, the life science business of Merck* [*known as MilliporeSigma in the United States and Canada] won the prestigious Excellence in Pharma: CEO of the Year award. In the ‘API Development’ category, Cambrex’s Novel Synthesis of Dronedarone Intermediate provided a patentable, 4-step, convergent process that utilises standard plant equipment – removing all need for chlorinated solvents and minimising waste. The ‘Excipients and Formulations’ category saw two triumphant companies. Parteck® SRP 80 Excipient by Merck* was recognised for sustained-release oral solid dose matrix tablets in the excipients category. Pylote’s Pycleartm protection patient Protection & Cost-Efficiency received the ‘Excellence in Pharma: Packaging’
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Lab automation in the spotlight at Laborama Academy 2016 Find out how others tackled their lab automation challenges at Laborama Academy
Lab automation in the spotlight at Laborama Academy 2016
Find out how others tackled their lab automation challenges at Laborama Academy On Thursday the 10th of November, professional trade association Laborama organises its annual Laborama Academy. The subject for this year’s edition will be automation in the lab. The yearly event of Laborama is up to its 5th edition and invites lab professionals to come and explain how they tackled their automation projects. The day will start with two plenary guest speakers from the European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group (ELRIG) and the Flanders Material Centre (FLAMAC) who will share the vision of their respective organisations regarding automation in a lab environment. The seminars will be spread across 2 rooms. The first room will house the seminars that focus on automation in an industrial environment and on LIMS solutions. Seminars regarding the clinical, biotech or pharmaceutical sectors will be given in the second room. Visitors can consult a total of 17 specialist companies during the breaks regarding their own automation challenges. Entrance
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