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Skalar searches Software Engineer

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Skalar searches Software Engineer

The Special Products department focuses mainly on customer-specific solutions for the Skalar robotic analyzers. The robotic analyzers have been developed to automate manual handling steps within laboratories for applications such as pH, BOD, COD, etc. These robot platforms are modified according to the customer requirements on mechanics, electronics as well as on software. As Software Engineer you will work in a professional team and will be responsible for developing the software for these customer orders. For the robotics software, a project is going on, to refactor a large software package which contains several software components. These components can be divided into several types: UI, Business logic, database and transport components. Most of the work must be done in the business components. Lots of functions need to be specified, designed, implemented and tested here. As Software Engineer you are an independent, determined and quality driven software engineer who supports an agile way of working. Beside this you don’t have difficulties to use the code of your colleagues and you are able to improve it.

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