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About LABinsights

LABinsights is a platform with website and newsletters aimed at the lab sector.
Here you can find up-to-date information on companies and products, as well as background information for the lab sector. With the search function you can find information and companies for every keyword.

Website, Newsletters
The newsletter is sent out on a monthly basis, with a selection of news placed on the website.You can publish your news and oter items yourself on our website. Thee site shows the latest news and job vacancies, but also backgrounds on all aspects of the lab sector. In the expertise center this information is bundled per subject.

Readers and labs
This site is visited by suppliers, manufacturers, technical consultants, lab managers and lab workers, researchers, human resource managers, training and course coördinators, students and university staff. Target laboratories are: food, feed, and stimulants laboratories, hospitals, clinic-chemical and haematological laboratories, microbiology laboratories, blood banks, laboratories for biotechnology, pharmaceutical laboratories, laboratories in the (petro) chemical industry, agricultural control laboratories, laboratories for education and universities and institutes, contract laboratories, industrial laboratories, R & D laboratories, industrial laboratories, materials science laboratories , water laboratories, environmental laboratories, energy laboratories and electro technical engineering labs, physics labs, testing and testing laboratories, quality control laboratories.